About Susan Ringer

Susan Ringer is a watercolor artist with a passion for painting nature, florals and roses in watercolor. 

Susan began to delve into the world of watercolor painting several years ago and very quickly fine tuned her skills to create beautiful, one of a kind art pieces that her customers thoroughly enjoy.  She is mainly self taught through many hours of independent book and DVD study, combined with an extraordinary discipline of daily practice.  Susan also completed the Susan Harrison-Tustain School Of Painting workshop program, and she credits this internationally acclaimed artist for providing mentorship and guidance to continue to fine tune her skills to even higher levels. 

Susan describes her watercolor painting style as "Realism With A Soul", interpreting her subjects in a way that lets the viewer feel what she was feeling when she decided to paint that particular piece. Whether it be the sparkly dew drop that captured her attention, an inquisitive little bumble bee, or the delicate, softness of a flower petal - Susan brings the viewer into the emotion evoked by these wonders of nature.

Susan mostly works from original photographs she takes herself.  She can often be found wondering around her garden in Pennsylvania, local rose gardens and large botanical gardens, camera in tow.  Her passion for capturing just the right images for her unique compositions has quickly led to a passion for photography as well.

Susan currently offers her work for sale at local boutiques and small galleries dotted along the mid atlantic region in the USA, as well as online.

Contact Susan directly at sue@susanringer.com